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Do the perfect draft – Tips & Strategies

You are a new Sorare player ?
You discover the possibility to draft your 10 first common cards and you want to take a good start ?
You are in the good place because this guide will give you the keys to succeed !

What are Common Cards ?

As you already know it if you are interested by the game, Sorare cards are divised in 4 different scarcity (Common, Rare, Super Rare, Unique…)

In this guide, we will be interested about common cards, we will ignore the others.

Common cards can be recognized with their white background. These are the only Sorare cards that are not NFT tokens and can’t be minted on the blockchain. For the newcomers in crypto, it means that those cards can’t be bought, sold or traded. They are linked to your account, if you own a common card, she stay in your gallery forever.

The only way to obtain common cards is to draft them when you sign-up to Sorare (that’s why you are here no ?) or win them in tournaments.

Common cards are the best way to discover the game and familiarize to it but don’t be delusional, they will get you less points than other categories. So when you want to enter in the division 4 or more, you can’t compete with only common cards,.

Presentation of the draft

For the record, the draft system did not always exist for new players. Indeed, at the very beginning of the Sorare project, each new player was given 5 random common cards, then a few months later the number increased to 10 per player. Unfortunately, this system could be quite frustrating for new players, falling on a card of an injured player for the next 6 months, it’s obviously not a great pleasure!

Team Sorare has therefore decided to set up this draft system for two reasons. The first, to give newcomers the chance to choose their common cards and thus have their destiny in their hands. This draft system also aims to allow a newcomer to familiarize himself with the fact of having to build his team to participate in tournaments, see the draft as your first step in the Sorare universe, so you might as well make it a success.

A fictitious budget of 400M is allocated to you to realize your draft. You will then have to select at least two players from each position (Goalkeeper, Defender, Middle, Attack) and 10 players maximum in total. The price of the players is indexed to the price of cards on the market so don’t expect to be able to recruit all the stars of the world in your team, it would be far too easy!

On the left side of the screen you will find a summary of your drafted players and your remaining budget. In the center, the list of available cards with the filter allowing you to switch between the different positions. On the right side of the screen you can also apply more precise filters such as the nationality of the players, their league, their age…

How do you make a good draft?

Unfortunately, as you can well imagine, there is no magic recipe to succeed at best in his draft, otherwise everyone would apply it and the rankings would be very dull! You can recruit the best player in the world, if he gets seriously injured the day after your draft, you won’t be able to do much…

There are, however, a few guidelines to be followed and I think, above all, that there are several possible strategies, so I will already address the broad guidelines applicable to all the strategies before going into the details of the strategies that I think are viable, explaining to you why it should be adopted and why it is of interest.

1 – I’ll start right away with this point because it’s the most important one of all: Do your own research! I am writing this article in August 2020 so it is possible that in a year’s time some things may have changed, so don’t blindly follow this guide, be aware of what you are doing and why you are doing it. Before drafter a player, go look on reference sites if the player is not injured, if he is not in a fight with his coach… No need to go to the darkest news sites, in general if an event is important, it will appear on the first page of your search engine by typing its name.

2 – In order to make an optimal draft, you must already have a good understanding of how Sorare’s SO5 works. If you don’t know what SO5 is, I advise you to stop reading this article right away and go to the Sorare FAQ because you missed something important! To participate in an SO5 division, you will need a goalie, a defender, a midfielder, an attacker and an extra player who can be a second defender, midfielder or attacker (no second goalie of course…). You will therefore understand quite easily that it is useless to take 4 attackers and only one defender, nothing prevents you from doing it, but if your defender is injured or even just benched, you will only be able to blame yourself.

3 – With your common cards, you will be able to participate in the Rookie League. I’ll come back to it a bit more in details in the details of my strategies, but know that this competition will only be available for 8 tournaments, it will then disappear, so your goal is to optimize your draft to shine in this competition. So look at the calendar of the next 8 tournaments and avoid taking 5 players from Ligue 1 if there is no Ligue 1 match during this period, you would shoot yourself in the foot. Also maybe avoid taking a striker from a team that only plays big teams during this period, his performance will not be optimal.

4 – Spend your money! The 400M allocated to you is only used for this draft, once it’s finished, the remaining budget is unfortunately not credited to your account and disappears for eternity so don’t be stingy and blow up the bundles of bills. Of course, if you have 3M left it’s normal, don’t deny a player you find interesting to take another one with just the goal to finish at 400M. On the other hand, if at the end of your draft you still have 150M of budget left, ask yourself some questions, either you are an exemplary scout and you’ve drafted underrated players and in this case bravo to you, or your recruitment is not ambitious enough and you could do much better, I reassure you, it will often be the second option!

5 – Take only two goalkeepers and in both take one who is eligible for the U23 divisions, i.e. 23 years old or younger. Why only two goalies? Simply because if you apply tip #2, you should easily be able to find a starting goalie who will play in the next 8 tournaments, since the turnover in this position is very low. Why necessarily a U23 goalie? If you like the game and want to go further than free to play by participating in the U23 divisions, you will quickly realize that U23 goalies are very expensive. Anticipating the move in advance and taking a U23 goalie as a common card will allow you to avoid this big expense and therefore use your money on field player cards. Even if in the draft, the price of U23 goalies is high and you might feel like you’re throwing your money out the window, I assure you that in a few weeks you’ll be happy you made this choice if you decide to go further.

6 – Do not use the “Automatic Suggestions” button. I hope that if you register on Sorare, you’ll have the intention to do your own research and that you’ll find pleasure in building your own team. This button surely does not take into account any of the points mentioned above, so you will understand that I can only advise you to avoid it.

The different strategies to adopt

In order to be successful, it is important to adopt a strategy and stick to it. Drafter players with no real objective is the best way to end up with a wobbly team that won’t bring any reward, even if the players in it are of quality. So I’m going to try to draw a portrait of the different strategies that it is possible to adopt ACCORDING TO ME (I don’t have a lot of science, there must be a lot of other possible strategies, free to you to do what you think is the most interesting!)

Before going into detail, it is important to make an analysis of SO5 tournaments and how the score works, as this will be the basis for the declination of strategies. As explained previously, to participate in a division, you will need 5 players, a goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder, an attacker and an extra player who must be an outfielder. In this article, I deliberately omit the whole notion of card power, because it won’t influence your draft and it remains very minimal with the common cards, so we will assume that all cards have the same power.

To participate in the Rookie League, you will have understood that you can only align 5 common cards and that your strategy can evolve in two “dimensions”. The first one is on which position to bet the most money. You’ll find that with a 400M budget you’ll quickly have to make choices and that you won’t be able to buy top players from everywhere. Some of them are probably screaming in their head “Are you dumb or what? I’m going to spend more on the forwards because they’re the ones who give me points…”. You’ll see a little later that it can be a strategy, but it’s not the only one. The second dimension you will be able to play on, and I’m sure you’ve already guessed it, will be on the choice of your extra player. If you decide to line up a defender or an attacker, the strategy is not the same at all and so your draft has to adapt to that.

In developing our strategy, we will also take into account the reward system. And yes, because if you didn’t know that, if your players perform in SO5, you’ll earn rewards that will be new cards to add to your gallery!

In Rookie League, the rewards are as follows:

The 3 managers on the podium win Rare cards which are therefore saleable and very interesting to get into the game! Then, the first half of the ranking wins a new common card, knowing that the people in the top 10 percent win a common star, thus representing the best possible common cards (Cristiano Ronaldo, Ciro Immobile…).

To define your strategy, it is important to understand the scoring system and the performance of each position. With the current scoring system, a defender will have more consistent scores than an attacker. Conversely, an attacker will have scores that are sometimes much higher than a defender and sometimes much lower. This means that under the current scoring system, a defender will never get a bad mark unless his performance is poor, whereas an attacker can get a huge mark if he scores and a really low mark if he is absent during the match. This is a general rule but it is not true 100% of the time, don’t sue me because a defender got a score of 20 or a score of -2, it is still possible. You also have to take into account that some forwards like Immobile and CR7 this season have such incredible statistics that 90% of the time they score better than the defenders, but hey, they are UFOs.

To illustrate what I’m saying, here’s a little graph:

On this graph, you will find the number of days of the 2019/2020 season on the abscissa and the score on the ordinate. To make this graph, I took the scores of 3 players of the Jupiler League in Belgium who were among the best in their respective positions. Konstantinos Laifis Standard defender and best defender of the season, Ruud Vormer Brugge midfielder and best passer of the season, Mbokani Antwerp striker and top scorer of the championship. With this graph we can quickly see that the curve of Laifis and Mbokani are totally different. Laifis has a very regular curve with rather rare peaks of performance while Mbokani is a rollercoaster, a day with a score of 32 and days with scores approaching 0? Vormer is in between, the scoring of midfielders is much more complex, an attacking midfielder will score much more than a defensive midfielder for example.

We will use this analysis to develop the strategies I am about to present to you. I will outline each strategy but I will not give you a typical team because the goal is not to give you ready-made teams. Indeed, the performances of the players and the prices will evolve, so if I gave a typical team today, it would probably not be viable in 2 months, so it’s up to you to do your research to find the players that will fit your strategy.

Strategy #1 – All-In on one player

The name of the strategy speaks for itself! It consists in betting everything on one player to hope that he will make a big score and thus climb on the podium. Obviously to adopt such a strategy, you will have to bet on a serial striker like CR7, Immobile, Vela… Be careful, these players are very expensive and therefore a huge part of your budget will go up in smoke to acquire them. It’s an extremely risky strategy because you will have little money to recruit players on the side and will have to make sure you buy low cost starters who will score a few points. On the other hand, the fact that it is a risky strategy makes players run away from it, so if your star player makes a very big match, you will probably have few competitors.

Strategy #2 – Playing with two defenders to maximize your chances for rewards

If you’re a player who doesn’t like risk, this strategy will surely be the best one, on the other hand who says less risk, necessarily says less interesting rewards!

The goal is to play with a composition with two defenders. As a result, you will have two players who should necessarily score the correct number of points in each tournament, thus allowing you to rank in the top half of the standings. If you adopt this strategy, I advise you to take a midfielder who is more of a relay midfielder who will make a lot of passes and if possible from a team that concedes few goals, this will allow you to have a third player who will score regularly. With such a strategy, don’t expect to be on the podium, unless there is a miracle. You will therefore expand your gallery of common cards, but you will certainly not be able to move up to the next level with them and will therefore have to buy rare cards.

Strategy #3 – Play with two forwards and aim for the podium

If you’re a gambler who likes risk and big rewards, then you’d better adopt this strategy!

As you may have guessed, the aim of this strategy is to compose a team with two strikers. If your two strikers make a solid match, then you will already have two players with a very good score, this should be enough for you to reach the top 10% or even reach the podium if your other 3 players also make a correct score. However, you should be aware that this strategy is very volatile, i.e. you will be able to make huge scores like finishing at the bottom of the ranking if your strikers perform poorly. So don’t be frustrated if your first two tournaments don’t go well, the last two can more than make up for it!

This article is finished, thank you for the reading which I hope will have been pleasant, do not hesitate to write a comment if you have remarks or questions!

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