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Funding your ETH account

If you like the game, you should probably think about buying a few cards to start your adventure. You have seen that you can buy a card directly with your credit card but the fees are high. You then noticed that you could also buy a card for a certain amount of money from Ethereum. Problem? You don’t know what Ethereum is and you have no idea how to get it? So I will try to help you in your first Ethereum acquisition throughout this article.

What’s Ethereum?

If you have no idea what Ethereum is, it may be a good idea to find out about it first, it is still important to know what you are buying and why you are buying it. You don’t need to become an expert in cryptology and master everything at your fingertips, but a basic knowledge is appreciated.

I’m not going to present to you myself what Ethereum is, some people on the net have done it much better than me:

What is Ethereum ? – Cointelegraph :

Acquiring Ethereum on an exchange

If you’ve read up on Ethereum (which I will now call ETH), you’ve understood that it’s not something you can buy at the mall or tobacco shop in your village. You have also understood that you will not be able to get it anywhere on the ne

You will have to go through a platform that will allow you to exchange money for ETH. There are several platforms to perform this operation, each one has its advantages and defects, I do not have enough knowledge to make a complete comparison. So I leave you some links to make this comparison. Know that personally, I use Binance and I am very satisfied, I had no problem with this platform.

12 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges – Blokt :

Best Cyrpto Exchanges of 2020 – Investopedia :

Once you have chosen the exchange that best suits your needs, you will now need to register for ETH. Take into account that for obvious security reasons, all these platforms will ask you to fill in a KYC (Know Your Customer). The purpose of this process is to verify your identity using official documents (ID card, driver’s license…) so that the platform can be sure that your purchases are legitimate. Don’t panic if this process takes a little time, it’s normal.

Once you’ve gone through this verification step, getting ETH is not very complicated, you just need to know how to orient yourself on the platforms that sometimes look like airliner dashboards. I leave you these tutorials for the 2 largest exchanges which are very well written and very complete:


Transfer your Ethereum to a wallet

Now that you’ve bought your first ETH on your exchange, take a breath, it’s not over! Your ETH are well present on your account, but unfortunately, you will not be able to do anything with them in their current state, no way to spend them on Sorare, and that’s quite normal. Our next step is to transfer these ETH to a portfolio that we can connect to Sorare. There are several portfolios, personally I use MetaMask, which is an extension that can be installed directly on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Brave.

A complete guide to using MetaMask – Medium :

This tutorial is excellent for installing the extension and creating your account. I will now explain how to transfer your ETH from your exchange to your MetaMask portfolio, you’ll see it’s very simple. Since I am a Binance user, I will use the screens of this exchange, you are free to use another one, the operation remains the same.

Click on the “Wallet” drop-down menu and then on the first sub-menu “Overview of your wallet”.

Then click on the “Withdrawal” button

From the Currency drop-down menu, select “Ethereum”. You will be entitled to a recapitulation of your balances. (mine is at 0, it’s normal I don’t have ETH on Binance anymore)

Then open MetaMask and click on the name of your wallet. This will automatically copy the address of your wallet.

Then go back to Binance. Paste the address you just copied into the field “Recipient’s ETH address”. As far as the network is concerned, I personally never touched it. Then enter the number of ETH you want to transfer (if you don’t want to keep any ETH on your exchange, you can use the “Max” button on the right). Then click on “Send”.

There, the transfer is now in progress and may take several minutes, don’t panic. If ever, you have a screen below that summarizes your recent withdrawals and their status. After a while, you should see your MetaMask portfolio credited to your ETH, which means that everything went perfectly.

Transferring ETH to Sorare

Come on, we’re almost there and honestly, you’ve done the hard part, the rest should be a breeze.

Go to Sorare and click on the amount of ETH in your account which should normally be 0.000. This will open a small window asking you to connect your crypto wallet. Of course, click on “Connect”.

A small MetaMask window should then appear. All the information is pre-filled, you only have to click twice on “Connect” to link your Sorare account to your MetaMask portfolio. Once the link is made, a screen will appear to deposit your ETH on Sorare from MetaMask. It is up to you to indicate the amount you wish to transfer. I simply advise you to keep some ETH on your MetaMask portfolio (not a large amount, something like 0.001 ETH for example). This will come in handy later if you want to withdraw ETH from Sorare, because there are fees and if your MetaMask portfolio is dry, you will be annoyed.

Once you have completed all these steps, you should see your ETH balance change on Sorare.

You are now free to use this ETH to buy cards at auctions and on the secondary market!

Activate double authentification

A little advice before I leave you. If you plan to keep ETH on your Sorare account, I strongly advise you to activate dual authentication. It would be a shame if someone retrieves your login + password and connects to your Sorare account to strip you of your ETH. The double authentication will ask you to install an application on your mobile like “Google Authenticator” which will regularly give you a new 6 digits code to enter each time you try to connect to your account. Therefore, if someone finds your login + password, it will still be impossible for them to connect and harm you.
Go to your account preferences and activate it right away if you want to be safe.

Ask for advice

If you encounter a problem during the process I have detailed throughout this article, do not hesitate to ask for help.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it’s very important, in the crypto world you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed with information if you don’t master the field, and not know where to start, it’s quite normal.

Thank you for reading this article, which I hope will have been useful. If you have any remarks or questions, please feel free to leave a comment or come and leave a message on Discord, which I will read with great pleasure!


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