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Interview : Black_Flag

I’ll let you introduce yourself quickly!

My name is Christophe (Black_flag in game), 43 years old restaurant owner in the south of France. Fan of soccer and especially PSG since I was a kid.

When and how did you discover Sorare? What seduced you in the project?

I came across the project completely by chance in December 2019. Being interested in the crypto world, I came across an article put forward by Google on the arrival of the first French clubs on Sorare. Fan of soccer, fan of crypto it obviously attracted my attention. The fact of having created a real ecosystem around soccer and being able to be an actor in it by owning rare and sometimes unique maps fascinated me from the start. We’re all coaches at heart. But here we really became an actor but also a pioneer because the game didn’t have that many players.

What is your strategy on the game? What are your goals?

I immediately wanted to participate in as many divisions as possible with competitive teams. I invested quite heavily from the beginning. I wanted to reach a critical size in order to quickly benefit from gameweeks’ rewards. The long-term goal is to be somehow self-sufficient. Whether purchases resell, tournament winnings allow you to continue to grow without necessarily putting back into the pot.

How much have you invested in Sorare and are you satisfied with this investment?

I had to invest in the 80 to 90 ether. I was fortunate enough to benefit from an ether that is still very affordable. When I see the evolution of the game, and the improvements to come. I can only congratulate myself on this investment. I have only 8 months of play but the growth in card value is obvious. After that, it’s obviously not just a question of money. Sorare is a game above all and this one gives me a lot of pleasure. Following the performance of your favorite teams and players day after day is really fun. Better than a simple sports bet. Which I’ve totally given up, by the way.

How do you compose your teams? Are you the type to check all the news on the net or do you go by feeling?

When my job gives me a bit of time, I’m the kind of person who digs around a lot to get the best compo possible. Thanks to HG and its SorareData website which is a nugget in the Sorare world. The time when I used to make the notes in the hands of the players according to their SofaScore stats is over. I realize that the summer with the full restoration season it is much more difficult to free up the necessary time. That’s why the European zone will be my preferred zone.

How much time per day do you devote to Sorare?

Currently about one hour max. In confinement it was more than 4 hours I think.

What is the sale/purchase you are most proud of? The most shameful?

Pizzi is my best purchase I think. The one that had the best return on investment, the one I’m most proud of. The most shameful is probably Carlos Vinicius, I was in dire need of a striker for the D1, he had cost me around 2000€. I was thinking in euros at the time, I told myself for a long time that it was expensive for a card. Now I’m thinking in ether, and considering the evolution of prices, this episode makes me laugh.

How do you imagine Sorare in 2 years?

A community that has exploded, hundreds of licensed clubs, sorare pubs at halftime in the Champions League …. And coach cards that serve a purpose (private joke)

Do you have other NFT sports or other NFTs in your wallet?

No, and frankly, I wouldn’t have time to deal with anything else.

If you had one piece of advice to give to other managers, what would it be?

To set a goal and a plan within their means and stick to it. Not to spread themselves too thin. Avoid players who will be efficient in several years if you can’t afford them. Avoid 1/100 cards if you are not a collector. But above all to see Sorare as he is: a game above all.


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