March 6, 2021, 5:20 am
Accueil Interviews - English Interview : HG - SorareData

Interview : HG – SorareData

Welcome to all of you on this interview which inaugurates this concept!
I have the pleasure to have asked some questions to HG, Sorare manager but above all founder of the very famous SorareData website that you can find here:

I’ll let you introduce yourself quickly!

My name is Maxime, I am known under the pseudonym Hg and I am part of the Sorare community since its beginning (March 2019). I started to be really active in the summer of 2019. I work in the Parisian blockchain ecosystem and am the founder of SorareData, a platform that allows Sorare managers to go further in the game by having a lot of data and metrics at their disposal to make the most informed decisions possible.

When and how did you discover Sorare? What seduced you in the project?

I discovered Sorare through this ecosystem. I know Nicolas and Adrien from their experience at Stratumn (the company where they used to work) and since the ecosystem is quite small, we quickly learned that they were working on Sorare. Being a football fan and a blockbuster, it wasn’t hard for me to get quickly wrapped up!

How did you get the idea for SorareData? What are your plans for the future of the platform?

SorareData was born from a personal ambition above all, to make decisions not only on gut feeling but also supported by market stats/data. I knew very little about the Jupiler Pro League and it was important for me to understand who the best players were and what the market prices were. Also, I wanted to complement Sorare with features (live tracking in particular) that didn’t exist on the platform. At the end of my holidays, I plan to take over the site with a few more major features to go further on building lineups or offers. Also, thanks to the exceptional contribution of the community, I will be able to easily pay for the next months of hosting but also finance a professional graphic redesign of the site, to go to the next step.

What’s your strategy on the game? What are your goals?

My strategy is quite long term, I try to avoid short term market movements by trying to see a little further than the next games. I mainly buy blue chip stocks and players that seem promising. I’m also a huge fan of Aleksandar Vukotic.
My goals are quite simple: to continue to be competitive in fantasy and make sure I don’t lose money. The fact that I got in so early makes me feel pretty secure about the latter.

How much have you invested in Sorare and are you satisfied with this investment?

I had to invest about 15 ETH on Sorare (mainly when the Ether was worth less than 200€) so we can say quite serenely that I’m satisfied with this investment.

How do you put your teams together? Are you the type to check all the news on the net or do you just go by feeling?

I compose my teams from the stats available on SorareData, everything is there to build the best team possible!

How much time a day do you devote to Sorare?

It’s hard to estimate how much time I spend on Sorare, because SorareData occupies a lot of my free time. So I don’t spend a lot of time on my team, maybe 15 to 30 minutes a day and a bit more on lineup selection days.

What is the sale/purchase you are most proud of? The most shameful?

Jonathan David at 0.01 ETH. Jonathan David at 0.02 ETH. I did x2 though. I could have done x54 too.

How do you imagine Sorare in two years?

I imagine Sorare in 2 years with a solid and worldwide userbase, with some technical obstacles still there but being one of the first companies to really bring crypto to the general public. I think there will be a lot of game modes at that time and therefore even more possibilities for the cards to be used. I also hope that the holders of super rare or unique cards will have advantages given by the player or the club.

Do you have any other NFT sports or other NFTs in your wallet?

I have a few MLB NFTs and some CryptoKitties but nothing serious or valuable.

If you had any advice for other managers, what would it be?

My advice is: vibrate with your teams. Sorare is only fun if you can follow the matches and the players. Don’t put in more money than you are willing to lose because if you only see the investor aspect, it can quickly become frustrating or uninteresting. If you’re a football fan, Sorare is the best place to vibrate even more in front of matches while having the opportunity to earn a few euros if you do well. It’s something you can’t get anywhere else!


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