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Interview : Il_Fenomeno

I’ll let you introduce yourself quickly!

Hi everyone, Il_Fenomeno, I’ve been a fan of Football and Rugby since I can remember. Supporter of OM and Stade Toulousain, I was in my childhood a collector of panini cards. I was also a long time a regular Football Manager and a Poker player in my spare time. I think I check almost all the boxes of Sorare’s targets except the crypto side which was completely unknown to me before I entered Sorare.

When and how did you discover Sorare? What seduced you in the project?

I discovered Sorare in July 2019 thanks to Pierre one of the team members who is a friend. I immediately got hooked on the concept of combining game, soccer knowledge and digital map property. Knowing some of the team members, I was also convinced by their ability to create an innovative, robust and scalable game.

What is your strategy on the game? What are your goals?

I spent my first 6 months getting familiar with the world of cryptos and blockchain even if my knowledge in this field still needs to be improved. I also took the opportunity to assimilate all the game mechanics of Sorare and the performances/stats of the best players. It’s only from December 2019 that I decided to invest more massively in the game by also taking advantage of the low ether prices (around 115 €). It was at this time that my strategy was to develop on the SR and U in order to be competitive on all divisions…

How much have you invested in Sorare and are you satisfied with this investment?

I invested about 90 ETH in Sorare, I am globally oriented on the medium-long term and the future will tell me if this investment was satisfactory or not. For the moment, it is in any case above my expectations, thanks in particular to the numerous rewards I received during the replays. In any case, the fun side will always be my primary driver to remain fully invested in Sorare.

How do you compose your teams? Are you the type to check all the news on the net or do you go by feeling?

It depends a lot on the time available but I’m more the kind of person who checks as much information as possible (SorareData, news websites, twitter from clubs), I don’t like to leave too much room to chance even if I’m willing to make some bets on some compositions. What’s for sure is that I’m not the kind of person to line up the same composition at each GW.

How much time per day do you devote to Sorare?

Again, it depends a lot on the periods and my availability, in general, I try to spend 1 to 2 hours on each GW for the composition of my teams. In the meantime, I try to keep a close eye on auctions that might interest me.

What is the sale/purchase you are most proud of? The most shameful?

If this is the reason that speaks, the purchase of Laifis U (my first Unique) despite the price that seemed very important to me at the time was certainly the best purchase in terms of competitiveness for the D1. On the other hand, if I let my heart speak, the 4 OM Unique (Mandanda, Kamara, Payet and Thauvin) are necessarily apart … No particular shame even if I have necessarily made a few purchases/sales that I am not proud of in retrospect…

How do you imagine Sorare in 2 years?

Several tens of thousands of users, coverage of all the major championships, fairly diverse and more or less complex game modes, and several parallel projects driven by the community (such as SorareData or SorareClub): the potential is great and the expectations high, but I’m fairly confident about the concept’s ability to break through quickly to a wider audience.

Do you have other NFT sports or other NFTs in your wallet?

Absolutely not, as explained in my introduction, before Sorare I was a complete stranger to this world and for the moment I haven’t taken the time to get involved in other projects.

If you had one piece of advice to give to other managers, what would it be?

The most important thing for me: don’t go headfirst, take the time to fully understand the complexity of the game and the market before investing recklessly. It is often necessary to be patient (on a player’s performance, on market prices) to be able to make the best deals. And of course, keep the fun and be able to freely scream with joy in front of your TV at each goal of Dieumerci Mbokani or at each stop of Nicolas Penneteau…


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Interview : Il_Fenomeno

I'll let you introduce yourself quickly! Hi everyone, Il_Fenomeno, I've been a fan of Football and Rugby since I can remember. Supporter of OM and...