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Accueil Interviews - English Interview : Phenix

Interview : Phenix

I’ll let you introduce yourself quickly!

Hi! My name is Davy aka Phenix, I’m 33, and I work in computers.
I’m passionate about the blockchain universe and cryptography. I also do a lot of sports and travel when I can.

When and how did you discover Sorare? What seduced you in the project?

I discovered Sorare in May 2019 thanks to Grégory Raymond, a journalist who deals with the blockchain universe. The idea seemed revolutionary to me from the very first moments. A kind of Panini but which guarantees you the authenticity and rarity of your cards mixing everything with a fantasy game. I hooked on it right away.

What’s your strategy on the game? What are your goals?

Over time, my strategy has evolved. Initially I spent a lot of money (depending on what my salary allowed me) to be competitive in all divisions (except D1) until the recent arrival of MLS and the K-League. Unable to keep up, having little interest in the championships and given the soaring prices, I decided to disengage little by little. From 200 cards, I went to 160 in a few weeks. My goal is to sell a large part of it, keeping between 30 and 40 cards in order to keep playing. I’m still looking for a good deal to make a simple capital gain. At the beginning of the game, trading allowed me to considerably inflate my gallery without permanently injecting money.

How much did you invest in Sorare and are you satisfied with this investment?

I have spent 800€ since the beginning of the game + 1 or 2 ETH having sold some cryptos. I am more than satisfied since I have already “withdrawn” 4 times the value of my bet and the rest of my gallery is still valued at 35 ETH.

How do you put your teams together? Are you the type to check all the news on the net or do you just go by feeling?

I do try to watch the news. The high experience of my cards doesn’t make it any easier, it’s a constant juggling. I check the confrontations and I favour players from supposedly “strong” teams playing against teams at the bottom of the table. In the end, making my teams takes me between one and two hours per Game Week.

How much time a day do you devote to Sorare?

Much less now. At first I could spend between 3 and 6 hours a day there. I watched all the bids between 7:00 in the morning and 11:00 at night. Plus time to study the grades, average prices and so on… Since the arrival of SorareData who chews our work well, I have to spend between 1 and 2 hours a day there. I look much less at the bids since the majority are K-League or MLS players (which does not interest me).

What is the sale/purchase you are most proud of? The most shameful?

Tough question! When buying, I want to mention several cards like Osimhen, the very first one I bought for 0.021 ETH (5€ at the time), or Zaniolo 1/100 and Fabio Silva 2/100, two future greats. On sale, I remember when the post-COVID championships started to pick up again. Few teams were playing, the goalkeepers, among others, saw their prices soar. I made X3s and X4s selling Maskimenko, Maximiano and Strakosha.
I am not ashamed of any of my purchases/sales. I don’t think I have ever overpaid a player. However, I have sold a few players below their value to good trading partners (Mamba, if you read this).

How do you imagine Sorare in two years?

As much as a few months ago I saw the game literally explode, today I would be more measured. Let me make it clear: at no time do I doubt Sorare’s future success. What makes me tick is more the soaring prices, which doesn’t allow the “average” fan to play it. For the moment, Sorare remains reserved for a “middle, top-of-the-range” clientele who can afford to invest several hundred euros to be able to hope to win awards. I have several friends, who have been extremely interested in the concept but who didn’t take the plunge as soon as they saw the prizes on the cards. Myself, if I were to discover the game today, I don’t think my budget would have allowed me to play it.
However, once Sorare has signed the biggest clubs, the player panel will easily reach 10,000/20,000 players in my opinion.

Do you have any other NFT sports or other NFTs in your wallet?

None, not for lack of looking, but nothing interested me so much as to invest in it.

If you had any advice for other managers, what would it be?

Don’t FOMO, never buy a player because he just scored a double or triple. That’s when you’re going to overpay him. Always negotiate your purchases on the Discord. And have a clear and defined strategy and stick to it.


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