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L’Épopée : GW #1 Results & GW #3 Compositions

Welcome to the second episode of “L’Epopée” where I will present the results of our first Rookie League and my choices for the next one.

GW #1 Results

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As you can see quite easily, it’s hard to say that the players have shone since my point total is 6.86 for an 877th place…
Participating with 4 players already made me leave with a handicap and unfortunately, the regulars are far from having done the job.
Aleksandr Maksimenko was the unfortunate witness of a clownish match in Russia. Spartak drew 2-2 because of two very contentious penalties, so much so that the referee of the match was suspended by the federation . In the meantime, our goalkeeper is eating a negative score and nobody can do anything about it!
Magnusson was not in the CSKA squad, no idea why, some people are suspicious of coronavirus while others speak of a muscle injury. No one seems to really know the reason for this absence and that doesn’t help us …
Lee Seung-gi didn’t play a bad game but didn’t have much impact on his team’s victory over Daegu.
Edgar Silva started the game on the bench… He seemed to be back in good shape and in the absence of Cesinha, I thought he would be the spearhead of the team, obviously the coach didn’t think so. He did come back during the game but his team was already behind and Jeonbuk is too strong for Daegu to worry them without Cesinha…

Needless to say, with such an overall result, I am very far from having won an award. However, we have to try to see the positive, it’s better that all my players have bad grades at the same time and that I end up at the bottom of the ranking rather than see two players shine and the other 3 lead the team.

GW #3 Compositions

The most perceptive of you have noticed that I went directly from the GW #1 to the GW #3, it’s not a mistake!
Indeed, GW #2 was a mid-week tournament with a few MLS games and a few LDC/Europa League games that mattered. Unfortunately I didn’t have the manpower to participate so I thought it was useless to write an article to say nothing…

So here’s my composition for the next Rookie League:

It is with pleasure that I can line up a team with 5 players having a match scheduled.
Maksimenko in the cages, hoping that Spartak won’t get stolen like the last game!
In defence, given the uncertainties around Magnusson, I preferred to opt for Lim Chae-Min who should be the starter against a rather weak team.
In the middle, Lee Seung-Gi and Grzegorz Krychowiak. Jeonbuk faces a bottom team, the attackers should be celebrating. Lokomotiv faces Krasnodar in a very interesting match, Krychowiak is always an interesting player to field because he is the hub of the team, even without scoring a goal he can have very good marks.
Up front, I’m regaining confidence in Edgar Silva, who I hope will finally make the starting line-up. Daegu is a bit in a tough spot at the moment, they need to show their teeth with their quality players!


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