March 6, 2021, 4:22 am
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L’Épopée : GW #4 Results & GW #6 Composition

GW #4 Results

As expected, I participated in this GW with only 3 players. I can thank Krychowiak who once again played a very good game and got a score of 10. It was more complicated for Maksimenko and Magnusson who suffered but still allowed me to score some points.
Since this GW was in mid-week with very few games played, with my 39.91 points, I place 154th which allows me to get a new reward:

An excellent reward! Gabriel is a young Brazilian defender who plays for LOSC but who is announced to be leaving for the Premier League and more precisely Arsenal, a U23 defender who will probably start in the Premier League is a very good reward, so we take it with pleasure!

GW #6 Composition

No, it’s not a mistake, I’m talking about my team composition for GW #6. You want to know why? Simply because I’ve been so busy at the weekend with work that I’ve totally skipped validating my team for GW #5, so I’m not taking part in it?
This mistake allows me to remind you that you should not hesitate to validate your teams as soon as you finish a GW, even if the composition is not yet optimal, but it’s better a bad composition than no composition at all…
Coming back to GW #6, we find again a mid-week GW with few games played. I will again count on my Russian championship players to bring me points. Maksimenko faces a promoted and current red lantern, Rotor Volgograd, Magnusson the good team of Krasnodar and Krychowiak the Akhmat Grozny who is making an amazing start to the season.


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