March 6, 2021, 4:00 am
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L’Épopée : GW #6 Results & GW #7 Compositions

GW #6 Results

A new GW with only 3 players available but we’re not going to complain because they were up to the task.
Krychowiak, the undisputed leader of this team scored a goal and got a score of 14.3 despite Lokomotiv’s defeat against Akhmat.
Maksimenko made a solid match with Spartak against the promoted Rotor, not much to do but he did it well!
Magnusson was a little bit in trouble with CSKA against the good team of Krasnodar but he still brings us some points which allow us to rank well.
With 73.5 points, I am 72nd, a very good performance which brings us a new reward:

Another excellent reward with Nicolo Zaniolo, a 20-year-old Italian international who plays for AS Roma! The specialists predict a bright future for him within the Squadra Azzurra. AS Roma would like to keep him and make him the new Francesco Totti, but big clubs are already taking him away.

GW #7 Compositions

In Rookie League, I decided to field a rather classic team.
Maksimenko will face Arsenal Tula, a low-ranked RPL team.
Lim Chae-Min will have a complicated match with Gangwon against Lee Seung-Gi’s ogre Jeonbuk who is walking on water in the championship.
Same thing for Krychowiak who with the Lokomotiv will face Zenit, undisputed leader of RPL.
Edgar Silva on his side will try to find redemption with Daegu against Gwangju.

First participation in D4 All-Star! Not much choice since I have only 4 rare cards. I decided to line up Lee Bum-Soo at the cages to complete this team. It will anyway be very complicated to hope for a reward since my cards lack experience, it will probably take a few weeks before I can hope for anything.


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