March 6, 2021, 4:03 am
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L’Épopée : GW #7 Results & GW #8 Compositions

An episode that comes a bit later than usual, and it’s not even my fault!
Indeed, Opta took time to send the results of some Korean matches to Sorare, so the results of my GW #7 took time to arrive, but they are there!

GW #7 Results

I decided to take a screenshot of my results on SorareData because I think it’s clearer than the official website.
I reassure you, high scores are quite normal! No, each of my players didn’t score 3 goals… Sorare has set up a brand new scoring system on a scale from 0 to 100 which should allow you to have much more realistic scores than the old ones.

It is therefore quickly understood that Edgar Silva’s match greatly contributed to my final ranking. Indeed, the Brazilian scored a goal and made a decisive pass, which did not prevent Daegu from losing 6-4 against Gangju . But that’s not our problem!
Our best player, Krychowiak didn’t play because of a small but not serious muscle injury.
The rest of the team got a very average score.

I am thus classified at 580th place, in the Top 40%, thus allowing me to get a new reward:

Denis Bouanga, Saint-Etienne striker, a very solid reward because the player is very interesting and had a good 2019/2020 season in a drifting squad. Rumors of departure were at the beginning of the mercato but since more news, to see if he continues the adventure in green or if he prefers to go elsewhere!

No surprise in Division 4 All-Star, my players still lack experience to hope for anything, especially since the players didn’t have a big game overall.

GW #8 Composition

Not too much choice for this GW, with the international cut due to the League of Nations, only K-League and MLS matches will be counted. So I had no choice but to field a 100% Korean team, eager to see if it pays!


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