March 6, 2021, 4:20 am
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L’Épopée : My first purchases

The Rookie League is coming and I will quickly reach the end of the 8 authorized tournaments. Once this Rookie League becomes inaccessible, I will have to participate in Divisions 4 and for that I will need rare cards to compete!
I decided to anticipate because with a limited budget, the choice of cards will not be optimal and I will not have the choice of the level of the cards. So I will need several GW so that my cards will rise in level and can bring me enough points.
I also remind you that I have a budget of 0.25 ETH (about 95$) to make my purchases.

In my defense, I decided to opt for Olivier Deschacht, an experienced (very experienced?) defender from Zulte-Waregem in Belgium. You’ll notice that I’ve only focused on the Jupiler League in Belgium because it’s currently for me the championship where you can get the best deals if your budget is tight.

The main reason for its price is its age. Indeed, this season will be his last but it doesn’t matter to us, if he allows us to make our purchase profitable with a few rewards, he will be able to retire in peace!
His average over the last 20 games is 34, knowing that several games where he didn’t play are counted.

We can see on this screen that he is able to make very good matches, so if he keeps his position during the season, it’s a very good draw!

My first midfielder is Joachim Van Damme from Mechelen. His role as a defensive midfielder does not allow him to score big regular scores but he has the advantage of being almost unquestionable and very cheap, a rare thing for midfielders and forwards. His goal will be to bring me the few points I need to reach a level, but I’m not counting on him to break the bank.

My second midfielder will be Jens Cools from KAS Eupen. I’m pretty happy with the find! Indeed, he hasn’t missed a game for almost a year, he’s the cornerstone of Eupen’s game. The fact that the club is not among the big ones in Belgium has necessarily an impact on its price but its performances are quite respectable, offering an excellent price-quality ratio. It regularly obtains marks above 40 which could allow us to hang a landing.

My forward will be Didier Lamkel Zé from Antwerp. It is very difficult to find regular strikers for prices defying all competition. It’s a very coveted position, so the prices are logically high. Finding a titular striker for less than 0.1 ETH is a great deal. Lamkel Zé made a lot of noise during the mercato by expressing his desires from elsewhere but he would have changed his mind and Antwerp is counting on him a lot. He’s a winger who participates a lot in the game, that’s why I turned to him because his grades are rather regular and good. Contrary to Mbokani who is the serial scorer of Antwerp, Lamkel Zé plays lower and his scoring is affected.
Not to mention the fact that he’s still U23, so he could be useful to me if I ever decide to play in this division.

As you will have noticed, I did not buy a guard because they are much too expensive and I would have burned out my entire budget, so I will align for the moment one of my common cards.
If we make the balance sheet, these 4 purchases cost me 0.188 ETH, which means that I still have 0.062 ETH left on my account for future purchases.
It remains to be seen if this (very) low-cost team will be able to bring me some rewards!


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