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Mistakes to avoid when starting on Sorare

When you start a game, whatever the game, you always wonder what mistakes you should absolutely avoid. It’s always very frustrating to discover several months later that one of our very first choices led us down the wrong road and wasted a lot of time and money. Unfortunately, it is sometimes inevitable to make a mistake and not make it again… This article will therefore try to solve this problem by offering you a non-exhaustive list of mistakes to avoid when starting on Sorare.

Obviously, I could never have made this list alone. Luckily for me, I didn’t make all the mistakes on this list, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here to tell you about the game but rather drowning my despair in alcohol! I would like to thank the members of french Discord for their participation. This means that all the mistakes listed in this article were experienced by Sorare managers, everything is real, nothing is made up!

Don’t be influenced and make your own choices.

I give this advice first and foremost because for me it’s the most important of all, so that’s why you see me hammering it in all my articles.
I often see people making a bad decision when someone had certified two weeks earlier that it was a good decision. These bad indications don’t necessarily come from ill-intentioned managers. Even with all the good will in the world, no one is able to predict the future, so if you ask for advice on the price of ETH in 2 months or on the level of a player, be aware that no answer will be the absolute truth.
When you make a decision, be it for a purchase, a sale, a team composition, it should always be your decision and only your decision. If you make a decision, make it in your soul and conscience. Do some research if necessary, inquire if you are not convinced, but never blindly follow the advice of anyone (even me!), this advice is also applicable in your everyday life.

Read the FAQ and learn about the rules of the game.

This advice may push the doors open, but some people are so excited and eager to get into the swing of things that they don’t take the time to read the FAQs and learn the rules of the game. It’s true that it’s never much fun to read the rules of the game, but on Sorare it’s essential not to do anything and regret it afterwards. Force yourself to read the FAQ from A to Z before doing anything about the game.

Do not tilt if the price of a card gets out of hand.

If you start to invest money in the game, you will probably have to fight in the primary market (the auctions) to acquire a card that you have identified and that is close to your heart.
Auctions can quickly become a money pit if you get it wrong and don’t know how to stop. In fact, all it takes is for two managers who are a bit of gamblers to aim at the same card and see its price soar. Sometimes, in the heat of the moment, you don’t realize the real price of a card, and it’s only once the bid is validated that you’ll take the time to analyze it in detail and finally realize that you overpaid the card. Tell you that unless we are at the end of the season or the card is one of the last editions of the player, there will necessarily be a new auction for this player soon.
Personally, when the card of a player I’m interested in appears in the auction, I set myself a certain limit before I even start bidding. A limit beyond which I force myself to stop bidding and let the card go to another player. Sometimes letting a card go at auction can be a victory.

Anticipate or agree to pay the full price.

Before embarking on buying cards on Sorare, one thing must be understood: like any market, the Sorare market is also greatly impacted by supply and demand. This means that if a card is sold in large quantities but nobody wants to buy it, then its price will go down, and on the contrary if several managers are interested in the same card, the price of that card will go up.
Granted, it’s a pretty basic and intuitive notion but it’s important to master it because it will save you some money.
If your resources are limited, it is in your best interest to try to anticipate as much as possible to save money. Indeed, let’s imagine that at the time you are reading this article, the French championship is going normally but the Italian championship will only start again in one month. The French club cards will necessarily have an average price higher than the Italian championship. This is quite normal because all cards that have an immediate use cost more. If you want to save money and you are not in a hurry, you can buy a few cards from the Italian championship and wait a month before you can play them in a tournament. If you absolutely want to play immediately, then be aware that by buying cards from the French championship, you will pay the full price.

Do not skip steps

Like the previous advice, this one is for people who want to stay in control of their investment and have a limited budget. If you can afford to invest 50 ETH when you start on Sorare, of course you’ll “burn through” the steps and quickly go out and challenge the big boys of this world.
On the other hand, if your budget is limited, you’d better not burn your wings. It may be tempting to buy a CR7 or Immobile card as they are two very good players who make a lot of money, however, if you blow any budget on these players and your team doesn’t follow behind, I’m not sure that this is the best strategy.
If your budget is limited, already start playing only in Division 4, don’t try to field competitive teams in higher divisions. Then focus on less reputable players who regularly score points. Apart from the fact that players cannot be lined up in all leagues, whether CR7 or Mitroglou scores a goal, it will give you exactly the same number of points.
Also focus on one or two teams, don’t try to play all leagues with average teams, this is the best way to get closer to the rewards every time without ever winning one. The best way to progress on Sorare by having fun and watching your gallery grow is to start small but effective to regularly win rewards and thus start playing on several boards.

Don’t want more than you have.

To be honest, I had a little trouble finding a catchy title with a real meaning…
What I mean is that Sorare is a game that brings together thousands of players with totally different budgets. It’s obvious that someone who has invested to play in Division 2 will win much more interesting rewards than you. You shouldn’t be discouraged because you have won a card that isn’t worth much, while a person has won an SR that is worth several ETH. This can quickly frustrate you and either discourage you from the game, or make you do something stupid by buying expensive cards to hope to hit the Grail like everyone else.
Keep in mind that even if some managers hit the jackpot, they only represent a tiny percentage of the players, you’re in the same boat as hundreds of others who fight every week for the chance to win a reward, no matter how small the value.

Sorare is an investment but have fun first.

Yes Sorare is an investment, if you make the right choices and have a bit of luck you can win great rewards that can make you make a nice profit. But Sorare is above all a game and you should enjoy it!
Everyone can have fun in their own way of course, some people will prefer to buy and sell, others to scout for young nuggets, others to collect specific cards… There is something for everyone but the most important thing is to have fun doing it, if you invest too much money compared to your means, you will get frustrated too quickly and above all you will not always make the best choices.
Like all gambling, set yourself limits and only invest money you are willing to lose, you must not be in a bad mood all week because your attacker missed a penalty.

Find out more on the internet so you don’t make any stupid mistakes.

You failed within 10 points of the first tier because one of the players you lined up was suspended?
That’s the kind of mistake almost every manager has made once in their life, and it’s one that can be easily avoided…
Indeed, when you make up your teams, look on the net to see if your players are not injured or suspended. You have sites like Transfermarkt or Sportsgambler that allow you to have this information easily, why deprive yourself of it?
Be careful however of probable compositions that are not at all reliable, whether it is on any site. Nobody is in the head of the coach, you can use it as an indication but don’t take it for granted.

Invest in what you know

Sorare is growing rapidly and more and more leagues are signed and therefore see their maps published. That’s a lot of leagues to follow and some of them are totally unknown to us, fortunately by the way!
If you want to be efficient at your beginnings, only invest on leagues you know a minimum, don’t invest half of your budget on a Korean you have never heard of and whose name you can’t even pronounce. It’s the best way to make mistakes and overpay players for no reason.
After that, there’s nothing to stop you from being interested in a new championship. Personally, I didn’t know much about the K-League before it came to Sorare, but I like to find out about unknown leagues and watch obscure games at 12AM on Sundays.


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