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Presentation of the “Épopée” & Draft

I am very happy to write the first edition of this “Epopée” which I hope will be long and full of good surprises!
You’re probably wondering what’s behind this mysterious title?
The concept is very simple, I’m going to put myself in the shoes of a new manager by creating a new account called “L’Epopée” ! I will invest exactly 0.25 ETH in the game (at the time of writing this article, it corresponds to about 85€) and you will be able to follow my progress, my choices, my rewards… weekly.
This concept has two major objectives. The first one is to share with new players my way of thinking and elaborating my strategies, when you start you never really know how to go about it, some guides are already present on this site, but I think there is nothing better than concrete examples! The second is to try to show that it is quite possible to have fun and earn rewards by investing a reasonable amount of money that is accessible to almost everyone.

My Draft

Like any newcomer to the game, the first step once registered is to complete my draft and acquire my first 10 common cards to participate in the Rookie League. You can find the complete guide on how to make your draft here. I will obviously apply all the advice given in this article to this draft.

This period of football being a bit special, I had to study the different calendars to determine which cards would be the most interesting for the next 8 Rookie League. It turns out that we’re at the beginning of August and many leagues will only start up again in mid-September, so it’s not viable to take cards from those leagues. My choice will therefore turn on two championships playing in August, the K-League in South Korea and the Russian Premier League (the Jupiler League in Belgium is also playing but the cards of this championship were not available in the draft).

Unfortunately, these championships are not the most supplied with high class players and the few players who regularly score like Cesinha at Daegu or Vlasic at CSKA Moscow are very expensive and one cannot afford to put so much money on a single player. So I’m going to decide to balance my team, trying to take on attacking players who are used to scoring big scores.


Aleksandr MAKSIMENKO – 22 years – Spartak Moscow

I immediately apply one of my most valuable tips, drafter a U23 goalie. Maksimenko is a regular at Spartak. With this card, I can ensure I have a regular goalkeeper during the 8 Rookie League and I can also anticipate my future participation in D4 U23, double shot.

Lee Bum-Soo – 29 years – Gangwon FC

I couldn’t resist taking this Korean goalie just for his picture which is one of Sorare’s best at the moment! He’ll also be Maksimenko’s understudy if anything goes wrong, as he seems to have earned his place in the starting line-up for FC Gangwon.


Hördur MAGNUSSON – 27 years – CSKA Moscow

My defender will be Magnusson, an Icelandic international (28 caps) and an undisputed starter in the central hinge of CSKA Moscow. He’s a regular player who gets very good marks. My love for Scandinavia has finally convinced me to make him my regular.

Lim Chae-Min – 29 years – Gangwon FC

My understudy will be Lim Chae-Min, FC Gangwon’s starting central defender. It would be a lie to say that I know the player and that I recruited him because his performances convinced me… These scores are regular and rather high for a defender, so he will perfectly complement Magnusson.


Grzegorz Krychowiak – 30 years – Lokomotiv Moscow

For the followers of Ligue 1, this name is far from unknown to you. Krychowiak, a Polish international (69 caps), played for Bordeaux and Reims at the start of his career. Some may remember his recent spell at Paris Saint-Germain, even if it cannot be described as a landmark. Having never managed to make a name for himself in the capital, the Pole has now moved to Russia, to Lokomotiv Moscow, where he is enjoying a second youth. An undisputed starter in midfield, he scored nine goals and delivered four assists in 26 games last season, a very solid performance. His profile is very interesting.

Lee Seung-Gi – 32 years – Jeonbuk Motors

Lee Seung-gi will be the second midfielder in this team. The Korean international (15 caps) is having a very good season 2020/2021 since the resumption of football. 4 goals and 3 assists in 13 games, great statistics. If he continues on his momentum, he will be a significant asset especially as Jeonbuk is one of the best teams in the K-League.

Sergio Canales – 29 years – Real Betis

I was looking for a cheap medium to complete my team and I came across Sergio Canales at the price of 10M. Clearly an error in price, but making a good draft is also about spotting the good shots! Canales has been one of the best in Betis this season. Of course, the team suffered and didn’t have a great season, but with the arrival of Manuel Pellegrini on the bench, we can imagine that next season can only be better. If Canales retains his importance in the Betis squad, he could have a great season and at this price, I’m not taking any risks!


Edgar Silva – 33 years – Daegu FC

As mentioned in the introduction, it has been very difficult to find quality attackers at reasonable prices. I set my sights on Edgar Silva, a striker from FC Daegu. His price was quite low because he had an injury that took him off the field for a few games but he was able to make his comeback last weekend. Cesinha, a league superstar and Silva’s team-mate, was injured in his turn in the last game and could be away for a few games. In the absence of the star of the team, Edgar will surely have to take his responsibilities and lead Daegu to victory. Silva had a very convincing 18-19 season with 11 goals in 19 games, so he is capable of leading the way and shining.

Cho Young-Wook – 21 years – Seoul FC

It was very difficult to find an interesting understudy at the right price who will play in August. I decided to turn to the young Cho Young-Wook who played good matches in July and who could make his hole little by little at the top of FC Seoul. This decision is more a bet than a strategic choice, I will probably opt for a composition with two midfielders and Edgar Silva in attack.

Nabil Fékir – 27 years – Real Betis

There seems to be pricing errors on all the Betis players who are all listed at 10M. As a supporter from Lyon, I couldn’t resist the temptation to bring good old Nabil back home. He’ll be useless to me for a good part of the 8 Rookie League, but you never know, when the Spanish league resumes, he could very well be useful to me! I’m curious to see what face Betis will have next week and whether Fékir can confirm by having a second good season in Spain.

Rookie League #1 : Composition

I also take the opportunity of this article to present you the composition of my team that will participate in my first Rookie League.

When you see this composition, you’re probably thinking I’m stupid. In the paragraph just above I say that Fékir will be useless to me for a good part of the 8 Rookie Leagues and I line it up on the first .
Unfortunately, I realized while composing my team that the match of Lokomotiv Moscow was not counted because it was played on Friday afternoon, before the closing of the compositions, so no Krychowiak. And since I’m not only half-fish, the match between Seoul and Gangwon in Korea is also played on Friday noon, so no Cho Young-Wook and Lim Chae-Min … So I find myself with only 3 outfield players available, so I am obliged to complete my team with a player who will bring me 0 points, I chose Fékir for the pleasure.
This teaches us a first lesson, it is impossible to predict the exact schedules, so it is important to have efficient understudies.
So we’re not going to expect much on this first Rookie League, to finish in the first half of the ranking would already be a good performance!


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